Weekend Do: Let Nature Take Your Breath Away

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Let the leaves cast an orange-scarlet carpet of beauty for my weekend adventures. Let my feet carry me with reverence over mountains hand-painted by an artist or some divine being and hasten over fallen tree branches.

May I find a tire swing, and let my head fall backwards to a new perspective, to remember what it is to be a child. Let the crisp wind remind me what it is to breathe and live.

I will boldly step in leaf piles and crunch them underfoot in warm, cozy boots. I will be the wind, kick up leaves and grant wishes of flight for solitary leaves.

Nature Teaches Me, About Time and Being Present 

I will let nature teach me that taking my breath away is an awe-filled transition of beauty, and that change doesn’t always mean death. Fall brings attention to detail and time.

In the fall, I find moments of mindfulness readily available on walks. Whether it’s the slow fall of a leaf to the ground or the chilled feel of breathing in the hint of winter. It’s a surreal season. The leaves change so quickly—it’s hard not to be inspired.

This season is the grand curtain fall of nature. The nights wax longer and the days wane shorter. The longer nights signal the leaves to begin their cellular shift of shedding and parade around, however briefly, in colors that rival the hottest fashion trends. Forget fashion. Forget social media. Forget pumpkin spice lattes. Fall belongs to bonfires, a nice glass of wine and staring at the stars after a long trek through the woods. I belong to these trees and the poignant beauty of the season.

Fall Brings Higher Perspectives and Builds Inner/Outer Strength

I will let my legs feel the fire of building muscle and sturdier inner strength as I hike a trail up the woods to get a higher perspective. What crazy person decided that hiking and outdoor activities are better during summer, anyway? Forget humidity and hello ability to breathe while challenging my endurance.

Climbs are so much more rewarding when you have dappled bits of butter yellow and firey oranges and reds to motivate your climb. I’m going to be motivated by every tree’s climb skyward and do the same. I’m going to be confident and let my talents flare, just like every leaf dares to be an unique, showy color.

Fall makes me feel capable of doing anything, to get out and challenge myself. Fall also reminds me the importance of staying close to home to nurture myself on cold days out there in the world.

Longer Nights Remind Me to Dream and Hold Loved Ones Close

A sunset in the fall always seems more blatant to me than a summer sunrise. Find a western facing window, and you’ll see what I mean. Watch the light paint your walls like Monet has paid your house a visit with his painterly inspiration. Fall is a season of impressions, perfect for the points of a paint brush to capture quickly changing greens to yellows and reds.

After the sun sets, I will spend my fall evenings by the fire, wrapped in cozy clothes and the arms of a loved one. Fall reminds me to keep the warm things and people I love so dearly close to me. I look to the stars for inspiration—twinkling diamonds compared to the dancing firefly sprites of the bonfire. These colder, longer nights remind me to dream, and that dreaming has power.

Such nights are perfect for storytelling, like our ancestors did by passing on their oral traditions. Whether that’s a story about Hercules or a monster in the woods, I love stories by a fall fire. What lurks in the dark is unknown and may be scary, but how you respond matters.

The fall season may be a stepping stone to Thanksgiving and Christmas for many, but not for me. Fall is when nature takes my breath away the most. I love getting out and witnessing all the season has to teach me, and on colder nights, the fall reminds me of the comforts of home, how nature and inspiration are never far away.


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