What Wellness Means to Me: Home Edition

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As you may know, I love to travel. And, because of these never-ending feelings of wanderlust, I have to make sure I love being home, too. Otherwise, I’d be likely to skip town indefinitely.

What I enjoy most about being home is the exact opposite of what has me hooked to travel: I’m able to get into a routine that makes me feel healthy and happy. Of course, I keep an eye to wellness while I’m on the road, but my home has many more foundations for healthy living in place, thanks to my own efforts. These pieces of my routine and physical elements of my home are what help me maintain wellness. Here’s what wellness means to me at home:

Wellness is a Thoughtfully Stocked Fridge

While traveling, I don’t often have the luxury of kitchen access, let alone a place to store food. So, when I’m home, I make a point to keep my fridge stocked with all of the foods that make me feel great.

You’re probably thinking, “Her fridge is just full of produce and lean meats,” but you’d be wrong in making that assumption. I am a big believer in balance, which means my fridge has pre-prepped meals and sliced veggies ready for snacking just in front of a big bar of dark chocolate on the days when sweets are the only thing that’ll do — we’ve all been there.

Wellness is Sleeping Comfortably

Again, life on the road is one that’s not always conducive to great nights’ worth of sleep. Instead, I’m up early to explore and in bed late after said exploring. I have no control over a hostel or hotel’s mattresses, either, so I never know what level of sleep quality I’m in for until it’s happening.

That’s why I’m such a proponent of spending on sleep-centric accouterments to ensure I wake up feeling well-rested — and well all around — when I’m home. I have a super comfortable mattress, memory foam pillows and a linen closet full of blankets and sheets that I change with the weather so I’m just warm enough to doze off. One of the important components of wellness is listening to my body, which means I hop into bed when I feel tired, too.

Wellness Has Good Vibes

My home is my sanctuary, whether I’m returning from work or from a chaotic but incredible trip around the world. As such, I’ve decorated my place so that it’s relaxing enough for me to feel calm and comfortable for as long as I’m there.

Everyone’s definition of “good vibes” will be different, but, for me, it’s all about light and airy colors, music and the scents throughout my home. I’ve even carved out a corner of my floor plan where I sit daily for quick mindful meditation. I simply take a seat on the comfy pillow I placed here, go through the steps of introspection and walk away feeling so much better about myself and anything that was bugging me.

The best part about picking up this sort of practice is that it travels well: I can mindfully meditate while walking around and exploring a new place just as easily as I can sit at my home and think.

Wellness is Movement

It’s easy to get moving when I’m traveling: I have to use my two feet to get me around new cities, after all. Because I’m less prone to exploring my hometown, I make a point to exercise as much as possible when I’m there.

I don’t suggest making an overly strict workout regimen, as I’ve done that before and ended up feeling guilty about the fact that I missed a sweat session. Instead, I go with the flow: one day, I might have time to hit the gym, while another day I count my cardio as meeting up with a friend and walking around the mall for a few hours. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: wellness is about balance. I just make sure you do get some sort of movement in every day.

Wellness is an Holistic Medicine Cabinet

Okay, okay — I do keep some over-the-counter pain relievers on hand for when I have cramps, a migraine or another intense ailment. But, the rest of the time, I try my best to rely on holistic healthcare while I’m at home, as it makes me feel even better to know that I’m using natural products to heal myself.

There are so many uses for essential oils, and I try my best to use as many of them as I can in my holistic healthcare regimen. For example, if I’m feeling stressed out or anxious, a few droplets of lavender on my décolletage aid me in my efforts to breathe deeply and calm down. A few dabs of peppermint oil on my temples can soothe smaller headaches. I’ve even taken drops of oregano and frankincense oils to fight off a cold.

I’m not suggesting you give up on mainstream healthcare altogether — when I’m really sick, I head to the doctor. But for shorter-term aches and pains I always try holistic options at first, especially at home when I have all my supplies on hand.

Wellness is Happiness

Whether I’m waking up on a super comfortable mattress, meditating or dabbing a few essential oils on my wrists, the most important end result of all of these steps is that I end up feeling better. And, with a little bit of thought as to what wellness means to you, your home can become the sanctuary you need, whether you’re walking in after a day of work or after a month’s worth of travel.


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