What Happens When You Take a Minute to Slow Down

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As soon as my feet hit the floor after a few hours of sleep, I am on the move. Sometimes, even when I am not physically going somewhere or doing something, my brain also feels like it’s on the move.

It can be quite exhausting.

If you haven’t figured it out yet from my posts, I am a bit of a wanderlust junkie. I am constantly thinking where I want to travel to next, who I want to meet, what kind of experiences I can fill with my life – it’s a huge hobby of mine.

However, I will spend so much time brainstorming what my next adventure will be, where I want to go that day, what tasks I should tackle or even what I need to be thinking about, that I really will not even be able to get anything done because I am too caught up in my head.

Sometimes it feels like everything is happening so fast, when really, nothing is happening at all.

Does this sound familiar? Your life is probably not exactly like mine, but having something to do every minute of the day is probably just enough for you to know I feel your pain. It doesn’t feel good to run, run, and run some more, does it? You don’t want to do it, but you feel as though you have to do it, right? Wrong! Not taking a break is a problem.

When You Don’t Take a Breakpexels-photo-large (2)

Many people, like me, feel as though they can’t take a break. They feel as though they are wasting precious time. Time in which they can do what they need to do so they don’t feel overwhelmed later. The fear of being overwhelmed keeps us going, but there’s a time when we crash and burn.

You’ve probably gotten to this point. You are going, going, and going, and then all of sudden you’re a lump on a log. You can’t get out of bed. You are grouchy. It takes everything you have inside of you to do anything. You just want to give up. It’s too much and you’re ready to let it all go for some rest.

This is a horrible feeling! The good news is that it does pass…with time. However, it just means you go back to the same life as you had before even more feverishly because you have to make up for lost time. The cycle begins again! Except each time you go through the cycle, you get a little more sick and tired. Those burned out days are more and more and you find it hard to get back on track because you literally feel sick.

Something has to change…

What Happens When You Slow Downfield-agriculture-wheat-large

To prevent burned out days, we need to slow down. The less we do each day, the more days we will be able to do what we need to do. See, there’s a keyword in that last sentence. It’s not what we want to do, it’s what we NEED to do. We often do things we want to do rather than need to do, and we need to cut that out. What we NEED to do is take a break.

When we take a break, we are able to appreciate life more. You know how days just start running together when you’re on the move every minute of the day. One day, you look back, and you think, “Whoa…how did 5 months go by?” It’s because you’re flying through it. Imagine being in a car that is going way too fast. You can’t see what you’re driving by because it’s going too fast. The objects around you seem almost non-existent because the speed you are passing by at. The crisp branches on the dull forest trees that are going on for miles seem to be a painting of brown water color. You know they are there, but you can’t seem to make out the details. The people you are passing by the streets seem to be walking in slow motion while you drive by. However, if the car slows down, you can admire the beauty of the world. In other words, once you take the time to focus on what is happening around you, you will be able to see the world for what it’s worth. You will be able to see how you are affecting the world around you and how your actions are playing out.

It’s time to slow down and really admire the beauty of your world.dawn-landscape-mountains-nature-large

Not only do you start to realize how lucky you are in life when you slow down, but your body starts to work better for you too. When you’re too busy, you end up feeling sick because your immune system is working too hard. It can’t keep up with all of the germs that are coming in and it’s just as tired as you because it hasn’t had a chance to rest while you sleep or just chill out. When you slow down, your immune system can relax, strengthen, and fight those nasty germs that you are exposed to each day. You can then have the energy you need to do what you need to do.

Slowing down means cutting out what you absolutely don’t need to do. It may mean you have to call upon your family to help you. It may mean you need to stop taking on so much responsibility. It may mean that you have to say no sometimes. It’s for your own physical and mental health, though.

This is life! You only have one to live, so do it in a way that will make you happy. Don’t let it pass you by because you’re going 100 miles per hour all of the time.

Take a break. The beautiful things in our world are literally around every corner. Just make sure you look before you turn those corners. Notice who is around you, what you are doing and how you are thinking. Slowing down doesn’t mean your actions need to decrease, but when you stay mindful of what you are doing and what you need, I am positive you will start to see things and realize moments in your life you never knew could exist.

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