What Your Travel Wish List Reveals About Yourself

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Where you bucket list takes you when traveling says a lot about your personality. Some people think of themselves as explorers, altruistic individuals, beach bums or budget travelers. Others identify with responsible eco-tourism or cultural site overload. You may not be just one either, but a combination of many.

If you’re unsure of what your travel personality is, take a look at the destination list below. Are some of these countries on your bucket list? Your locale choices actually reveal a lot about who you are.

France – for the romantic, intellectual or the foodie paris and people

What better place for lovers – of food, art, music, writing, culture – than France? The country that boasts the eclectic cultural epicenter that is Paris, or the romantic chateaus and vineyards of the Loire Valley and Champagne is on your travel list whether you’re the hopeless romantic, the intellectual stimulation seeker or someone with a rumbling stomach looking for heavenly eats.

Paris, with its 20 arrondissements has more bistros to try than you can possibly fit into one vacation, as well as the culinary capital of the world in Lyon. The museum scene is rivaled by few other places, and the fairytale like places in the Loire Valley or Mont Saint Michel in Normandy are perfect for escaping into another time.

Morocco – for the cultural adventurer or off-the-beaten path seeker 3765c625

Morocco is the place to go for the traveler looking for a sensory overload. It is a place lesser known by tourists, and stills holds on to some mystery. If you’ve highlighted cities like Fez, Rabat or Marrakech, you are most likely a someone looking to discover as much as possible about other culture and lifestyles. Your trip is more of a journey to understand the world and yourself rather than a vacation.

Most likely, you have a journal or blog that documents these adventures. You want to share your experiences with others.

Thailand – for the budget traveler or the beach bumsitting on rocks

It’s not secret. Thailand is a huge tourist destination for a relaxed (and cheap vacation). If you’re looking at places like Bangkok or Phuket, you are most likely a chilled out traveler with a lean budget.

On the positive side, one of the great things about Thailand is it’s offerings that come cheap are not any less impressive. There are beautiful beaches, amazing heritage and food, as well as some of the nicest people out there. It’s definitely a place for those seeking a laid back vacay on the beach – without sacrificing things to do or too much money.

Italy – for the artist or wine loverwine italy

When someone says Italy, the general reaction has something to do with art or wine. So, if cities like Florence, Venice or Rome are on your list you most likely are the creative and artistic kind of traveler. You want to take in the marvels of Ancient Rome and the Renaissance, be surrounded by the remnants of another time and place, all while constantly filling your class with a beautiful Chianti or Vino Nobile.

Italy is a place where you’ll go to look for inspiration, in search of new entries for your sketchbook – the little things in life that really do make la dolce vita a reality. Italy is your destination if your personality is looking to fall in love with life.

Sub-Saharan Africa – for the altruistic traveler or ecotourism supporter kenya

If you are looking to destinations that offer opportunities to help and give back, Sub-Saharan countries like Kenya and Botswana will be on your list. You have a desire and need to make the world a better place. You’ll most likely be looking for adventures that are done through a service trip with Kenya Wildlife Service or for eco-friendly options in Botswana.

You need to express your compassion in everything that you do – including travel. You may start in Africa, but these ideals can take you to other destinations all over the world.

Australia & New Zealand – for the extremist or outdoor enthusiast adventure seekers

If you have a wild spirit and thirst for the extreme adventure and adrenaline rush, you are probably attracted to destination in the wilderness and waters of Australia and New Zealand. You know your mind and you like to challenge yourself.

You want to backpack the rocky edges of the mountains in New Zealand, or swim with sharks off the coast of Australia. What you search for when you travel is the power of the thrill, and you will either go solo or only travel with like-minded individuals who feel your need for speed – or to bungee jump off a cliff.

Maybe all of these options sound great to you, or only a few. Whatever the case, understanding your travel personality in detail will help you choose the right destination for you. This way you don’t end up in a cage in Pacific when you have a phobia of sharks – even if your adrenaline junkie friend is really convincing with how ‘awesome’ it will be.


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    I definitely agree! I’m definitely more the outdoors and intellectual type, always looking for an adventure while still being a city slicker.

      • kacey
      • February 22, 2016

      Hi Emilie!

      I am glad you agree! It is interesting to take a look at what our travel ideas and wanderlust wishes say about ourselves!

      An outdoors, intellectual city slicker sounds very unique 🙂


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