Why you Should Incorporate Your Culture and Personality into Your Home

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We often hear the phrase “home is where the heart is”. Our homes are a place of refuge for us, each home is different. Creating a space to celebrate your individuality and the uniqueness of your culture gives you a one-of-a-kind home. Here’s a few reasons why personalizing your home is so important and how you can get started incorporating your culture:

Learn more about your own culturewood on shelves

Bringing your culture into your home is a great way to discover new facets of your cultural identity, inserting culture into everyday life helps form a connection to your roots. Surrounding yourself with items that remind you of your background nurtures a sense of curiosity. Fill shelves with keepsakes from your travels along with books about your culture to make a piece that is both decorative and educational.

Teach friends about your culturecultural food

Displaying items of cultural significance to you provides an opportunity to educate your guests about your culture. Decorating your kitchen with cultural designs or influences can segway perfectly into preparing meals from your culture to be shared and enjoyed by friends. Design a photo wall with varying sizing frames and images to create a focal point that’s sure to get everyone talking.

Inspire friends to discover their own culturesculpture

Creating areas in your home that showcase your culture and individuality can inspire friends to learn more about their own backgrounds. Placing conversation pieces in entertaining areas is an ideal way to start a chat about your cultural differences, why they’re important to you and how to inject more culture into your surroundings.

Celebrate Familiesphoto-album-631084_960_720

Joining two families is a wonderful life event rooted in love. One of the things that makes each family so special is that every person is unique, bringing their own culture and beliefs to a new situation. Decorating your home with aspects from each culture is the perfect way to celebrate the union of two families while recognizing what makes each family member who they are. Creating cultural collages or other visual displays with features from your culture showcases both who you are individually and who your family is as a whole.

Give guests a better understanding of who you are

Homes without any personal touches tend to feel a bit like walking into a hotel, the home may be nice but it doesn’t feel as warm or inviting as it could. Adding your personal touch to your house gives guests a better idea of who you are and creates a more welcoming environment. Try adding your favorite colors into your decor and choose interesting fabrics and textures to create another level of intrigue.

Create a sanctuarytile

Personalizing your home is about making it work for the lifestyle you live. Your home should be a place that helps you feel at ease. Small touches like window treatments and rugs add unique touches that make a room all your own, plus accents like these are a great place to experiment with bold colors or patterns.

Display your family history

Your background isn’t just about your culture, it’s also about representing your personal family history. Make your home a place full of warm family memories by incorporating hand-me-downs into your design. Antique furniture or vintage art tells a story of where you came from, the past generations of your family shine through your carefully thought out interior.

Interior design is deeply personal, creating a space that feels right for your family is all about letting your personality shine through. Incorporating your culture into your home makes a one-of-a-kind space that’s unique to you and allows your friends to enjoy your culture with you.

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