Why You Should Just Travel for Your New Years’ Resolution

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So I know, what you are thinking: It’s a little early to be focusing on 2016 right now. You’re probably still caught up in planning Thanksgiving dinner and doing holiday shopping and have scarcely even thought about how you’ll ring in the New Year, let alone what resolutions you want to make. Rather than coming up with resolutions like eating better or stopping a bad habit, there are many good reasons to simply say rather than taking the traditional approach to New Year’s resolutions, you’ll just do something that’ll give you lasting memories and a fresh perspective: see the world.

You Will Learn Who You Arenature-fashion-person-woman-large

Traveling the world gives you the chance to embark on a journey of self discovery. You’ll undoubtedly get into new situations, become immersed in other cultures and otherwise get out of your comfort zone. Along the way, you can be almost certain of going through extensive personal growth that will stay with you for the rest of your life and teach you about aspects of yourself that had remained concealed until you took on the challenge that traveling naturally brings.

You’ll Develop Skill Setsman-hands-reading-boy-large

Traveling often pushes you to do things you’d not otherwise have to attempt during everyday life. Whether you have to figure out how to tell the waiter what you want to order in a sushi restaurant where the entire menu is in Japanese, or end up doing relief work by clearing debris from a developing country that’s just been hit by a natural disaster, these kinds of situations often include elements of fear and uncertainty, but in the end, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at just how many skills you have that normally lie dormant.

Traveling Offers Time for Reflectionpexels-photo-large

There’s a good reason why many people often travel when they finish college, retire from work, or embark on a new phase of life. Traveling is a great transition activity, because it lets you take time away from the everyday routine and simply reflect on what’s to come, plus what you’ve accomplished so far.

You’ll Get Awesome Photographspexels-photo-large (1)

Professional photographer or not, you’re almost guaranteed to get fantastic photographs when you travel. Today’s smartphones and tablets often have excellent built-in cameras, so even if you’re traveling light and don’t want to bring a separate camera, capturing beautiful photographs is a goal well within your reach. The snapshots you get could become amazing wall art for your abode, serving as constant reminders of all the adventures you had.

Traveling Could Make Your Dreams Come Trueman-person-wall-sitting-large

Many people spend years envisioning their dreams of hiking the Appalachian Trail, seeing the Great Wall of China or posing under the Eiffel Tower. If you’re at a time in your life where you’re financially able to make the trip you’ve always dreamed about, why not make a promise to yourself that 2016 is the year your vivid dreams become realities that are just as beautiful as everything you’d imagined?

A Real-World Education is Waiting for Youhand-vintage-old-book-large

We’ve already talked about how traveling allows you to achieve greater self awareness. However, traveling teaches you about a lot more than just yourself. It’ll give you first-hand experience of matters related to sociology, geography, and politics, just to name a few. What’s more, you can be assured the education will be far more diverse than you could ever get from the pages of a textbook, or the dialogue of a professor in a classroom.

You Will Gain Independencegirl-569117_640

Even if you decide to travel with others, embarking on a trip makes you dig deep within yourself and find your independent streak. When traveling, there will always be at least a few times where you’re in a strange place, yet caught in the bliss of solitude.

Maybe you’re currently someone who hardly ever spends time alone. When you travel, that’s the perfect opportunity to prove to yourself you can indeed be content when you’re on your own. Just make sure to follow basic safety rules and common sense to avoid bad situations.

This list details several of the many reasons why people indulge in their wanderlust and finally book their tickets to travel the world. Hopefully you now understand why it may be a very good idea to just ditch the idea of a traditional New Year’s resolution (that you may not even stick to anyway). Instead, make a plan to fully embrace opportunity and see as much of the world as time and your budget allows.


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